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$12,650,000 Recent Settlement

Truck vs Car accident suffering a significant head injury.*

$8,000,000 Recent Settlement

Motorcyclist was T-boned by a commercial vehicle resulting in serious leg injury.*

$1,000,000 Recent Settlement

Truck Driver hit by a car suffering from a burn.*

$525,000 Recent Settlement

Car accident suffering a neck injury.*

$700,000 Recent Settlement

Rear end collision by car suffering neck injury.*

$485,000 Recent Settlement

Hit by an ambulance suffering neck and back injury.*

*The result for each was dependent on the facts of that case and the results will differ if based on different facts, this does not
constitute a guaranty, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your case.

Find a Chula Vista Car Accident Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident—and are you looking for the best Chula Vista car accident lawyer to represent your interests and fight for just, fair compensation? Contact the car accident attorneys at I Accident Lawyer today. We will:

  • Get your car out of the tow yard.
  • Ensure you’re reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • See to it that your car is fully repaired or replaced.
  • Make sure your medical bills are paid for.
  • Recover any lost income or wages.
  • Evaluate your case and tell you how much it is worth, via our experience as top Chula Vista car accident lawyers.
  • Fight for you to receive the maximum monetary recovery.
  • Go to bat for you, and handle all the hassle with your insurance company; that’s what makes us the leading car accident lawyers in Chula Vista!

We are offering free case evaluation when you call our car accident lawyers in Chula Vista. Reach out to us now if you or a loved one has been in an auto accident!

Why Choose Us as Your Car Accident Lawyer in Chula Vista?

As you look for car accident lawyers in Chula Vista, there are several reasons to call I Accident Lawyer. Consider these benefits:

  • We focus exclusively on car accident and personal injury cases.
  • We always represent individuals—never insurance companies!
  • We have an unbelievably high settlement success rate—95 percent!
  • We are available to consult any time; call us 24/7.
  • We are the actual lawyers who will handle your case—not a referring network.
  • We will come to see you wherever you are—at home, at your office, or even in the hospital.
  • When you call us, you can speak with one of our auto accident lawyers directly, one on one!

We are proud to serve the Chula Vista area and beyond—so when you’ve been in an accident and need someone in your corner, keep I Accident Lawyer in mind.

When is it Time to Seek a Chula Vista Car Accident Attorney?

Chula Vista

Have you ever been in an accident—or even a little fender bender? If so, then you probably know how traumatizing it can be. In addition to emotional distress, it can also lead to very real physical pain, legal hassle, and financial worry. On top of that, auto insurance companies are not always helpful. Sometimes, they fail to carry out their responsibilities at all—and that can leave you feeling stressed and alone.

That’s why it’s so important to have the number of reputable car accident attorneys on hand. We understand the legal processes, and we know how to fight for your rights effectively. We can even go head-to-head with your insurance company to make sure you get your due compensation. Our aim is to remove all the stress and hassle so that you can focus on recovery—plain and simple.

What’s more, we only get paid when you get paid—so you can rest assured that we are invested in winning your case. That’s what makes our Chula Vista car accident lawyers such invaluable allies.

But Do You REALLY Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Chula Vista?

Some individuals believe they can represent themselves, or that they can trust their auto insurance company to be helpful. Sadly, this is not the case. The simple fact is that your auto insurance company is out to make money, which often means leaving you in the lurch. You can fight them, but doing so is complicated—and something as simple as a missed legal deadline can throw your case into jeopardy.

Simply put, you need legal expertise to see your rights met—and that’s what our auto accident lawyers can offer. It’s why you should call I Accident Lawyer today, and ask for our help on your case.

Get Legal Assistance from Our Chula Vista Car Accident Lawyers

We are honored to fight for the rights of drivers and pedestrians in Chula Vista—and we encourage you to call us any time you need our help. We are here to work for you, day or night. You can reach I Accident Lawyer at:

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