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$12,650,000 Recent Settlement

Truck vs Car accident suffering a significant head injury.*

$8,000,000 Recent Settlement

Motorcyclist was T-boned by a commercial vehicle resulting in serious leg injury.*

$1,000,000 Recent Settlement

Truck Driver hit by a car suffering from a burn.*

$525,000 Recent Settlement

Car accident suffering a neck injury.*

$700,000 Recent Settlement

Rear end collision by car suffering neck injury.*

$485,000 Recent Settlement

Hit by an ambulance suffering neck and back injury.*

*The result for each was dependent on the facts of that case and the results will differ if based on different facts, this does not
constitute a guaranty, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your case.



Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Fresno, CA

Call iAccident Lawyer in Fresno Today To Help You:

  • Get your car out of the tow-yard.
  • Get you reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Get your car repaired or top dollar replacement value.
  • Get you the focused medical care and get your medical bills paid.
  • Get your lost income and wages.
  • Tell you how much your case is worth.
  • Fight to get you the Maximum Monetary Recovery.
  • If you already have a lawyer, we will advise you how to change to be represented by us for no additional fee or cost.

Do you need an injury attorney in Fresno?

California car accident attorney Donald Stevenson and his firm are recognized as Fresno's premiere Car Accident and Injury Law Firm.

Why we're the right firm for you:

  • Because we focus on car accident and injury cases.
  • We have the Highest Settlement Success Rate (95%).
  • We are available to you any time of day. Call us 24/7.
  • We are the actual lawyers handling your case - We are NOT part of a referral network.
  • We will come to you - at home, hospital or work and we have same-day appointments available.
  • When you call us, you will be able to speak with Donald Stevenson personally.

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Car Accident Attorney in Fresno

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Fresno, CA

Few things are more disruptive than to be involved in a car accident. As you hear the sound of your vehicle colliding with another, it can be genuinely terrifying. The impact of the accident can leave you shaken and disoriented, and in some cases badly injured. And even when the accident is over, your plight is really just beginning. It's only natural to have a million thoughts careen through your head: Is your car salvageable? Are you or your passengers injured? How will you pay for medical expenses? Do you need a car accident attorney?

The entire experience can be jarring, but the good news is you don't have to go through it alone. There are skilled car accident attorneys in Fresno who are prepared to help you navigate the complex aftermath of an accident and ensure that you receive the monetary compensation to which you are due.

The car accident attorneys at I Accident Lawyer are prepared to be your trusted allies, helping you get your car out of the impound, seek the medical care you need, process an insurance claim, and get the compensation you need. More than anything, the role of a car accident attorney is to handle the aftermath of a car accident on your behalf, allowing you to focus on making a full physical recovery.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Fresno

When you've been through something as traumatic as a car accident, you don't want to hire just any lawyer. On the contrary, you want a firm with the experience necessary to help you get the reimbursement and the care you need. And, you want a firm that knows all the typical insurance company tricks… how your insurance company will try to undermine your claim, undervalue it, and get out of paying their fair share.

Simply put, your insurance company isn't necessarily on your side. And the other driver's insurance company definitely isn't on your side. They will do whatever they can do to get out of paying out on your claim. It's not right and it's not fair, which is why it's so critical to have a trusted, well-regarded car accident attorney who will help you see justice done.

That's our promise to you at I Accident Lawyer. We'll treat you like family. We'll fight for the maximum monetary compensation. And we won't send you a bill until we win your case.

I Accident Lawyer only represents individuals who have been injured in accidents; we never represent insurers or other big corporations. Specifically, we have experience in the following types of cases:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Rideshare accidents, including Uber and Lyft
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bike accidents

To learn more about our years of experience and our sterling reputation in the Fresno community, we welcome you to contact I Accident Lawyer at your next convenience.

Causes of Accidents: When Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Many victims of car accidents are so overwhelmed by the stress of dealing with the psychological injuries and physical injuries they can't even imagine dealing with an attorney. Often times our clients convey to us that they felt like hiring an attorney would make things more complicated. The reality is nothing could be further from the truth. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney is your best chance at getting the immediate high-quality medical treatment you need and deserve and a substantial financial settlement that you are entitled to. The car accident attorneys at the Car Accident Lawyer Group in Fresno are here to serve you and get you and your family the respect you deserve.

Here in Fresno, car accidents happen every day, and for any number of reasons.

Some of the most commonplace causes of car accidents include:

  • Distracted driving. Text messaging, social media updates, chatting on the phone, eating, applying makeup, accepting phone calls… there are countless ways in which drivers can become distracted. When their mind isn't on what they are doing, their reaction time slows. And, all it takes is the blink of an eye for an accident to take place.
  • Drowsy driving. Something else that impairs reaction time? A lack of proper rest. Drivers who get behind the wheel when they're drowsy put everyone at risk and can experience lapses in judgment that result in accidents.
  • Drunk driving. Anything that impedes proper judgment or slows reaction speeds, including the use of drugs or alcohol, can lead to a significant risk of accident and injury.
  • Disobedient driving. Finally, drivers who don't follow the rules of the road, whether by driving too fast or too recklessly, can put everyone on the road in jeopardy.

If you're injured in an accident for any reason, including the ones mentioned above, make sure you contact I Accident Lawyer, where a car accident attorney will be standing by to hear your case and let you know how we can help.

How Car Accident Lawyers Build the Case for Compensation

When we agree to take on a case, the first thing we have to do is build a case for compensation. Simply put, we want to leave the insurance company with no choice but to pay our clients the maximum amount. We do this by:

  • Investigating the scene of the accident, hiring safety engineers and other professionals to help us recreate the incident and find out exactly what happened.
  • Working with medical specialists to determine the extent of injury to our clients, and the necessary treatments.
  • Calculating any lost earnings, garnished wages, out-of-pocket expenses, or medical costs for which our clients need to be reimbursed.
  • Building a case to ensure our clients are compensated for any damages sustained, including emotional distress.

Our Fresno car accident attorneys are uniquely equipped to help you build a strong case and get the compensation you need to move on with your life as seamlessly as can be. Reach out to I Accident Lawyer to learn more.

How Can Car Accident Lawyers Help You?

A seasoned car accident attorney will have the knowledge necessary to help you ensure a full recovery in every sense. Some specific services a car accident attorney can provide you in the aftermath of a collision include:

  • Getting your car released from the impound
  • Arranging for the right medical care from a reputable Fresno provider
  • Reimbursing you for any out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Referring you to a well-regarded service center to have your car repaired
  • Evaluating your case and advising you on how much it's worth
  • Representing you to the insurance company and handling all negotiation
  • Advising on when you need to pursue legal action, and representing you if need be
  • Helping you stay clear of any insurance company tricks or duplicity
  • Making sure you are fully compensated for the full extent of damages, lost wages, etc.

As you seek the right team of car accident attorneys, make sure you look for a firm with a depth of experience taking on car accident cases; and, that you partner with a firm that will do everything necessary to help you get back on your feet again. In Fresno, that firm is I Accident Lawyer. Contact the firm any time you need us.

What Should You Ask When Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you've never hired a car accident attorney in the past, it's only natural to feel slightly trepidatious; it's an important decision, and you naturally want to hire the very best firm.

As you interview car accident attorneys, some useful questions to ask include:

  • How do you structure your fees? And when will I be billed?
  • Will I be billed even if you don't win the case?
  • What experience do you have with my specific injury/case type?
  • What percentage of my case will you handle here in Fresno? Will any of it be outsourced to a national firm?
  • How much of your practice is devoted to personal injury and car accident cases?
  • What up-front expenses or fees do I have to cover?

As you interview firms, make sure you find a team of car accident attorneys who won't make you pay anything until they win the case; who only represent individuals, never big companies; who have deep experience handling car accident cases; and who handle everything in-house rather than outsourcing to a big legal conglomerate.

I Accident Lawyer is proud to have a stalwart reputation in the Fresno area, and we are always happy to answer questions like the ones above. Contact us whenever you need to.

Common Questions for Our Car Accident Lawyers

Our car accident attorneys are eager to ensure that you're fully informed about the process. We are available to answer your questions day or night. In the meantime, here are some FAQs, answered by our Fresno team.

I've been injured in a car crash! What is my claim really worth?

It depends on a full range of factors, including the severity of your injury and whether or not it prevents you from returning to work. Our car accident attorneys are pleased to provide a full case valuation, based on the specifics of your accident.

Do I need to call the police after an accident?

Having the police investigate the scene and file a report will only strengthen your insurance claim; as such, it's something we highly recommend in all accident cases.

I think I was to blame for the car accident. What should I do?

Be honest in your account of what happened but avoid apologizing or admitting to fault. Even if you were to blame for the accident, you can still receive compensation. And, it's always best to let the police make that determination on their own.

What if the at-fault driver doesn't have insurance?

Uninsured or underinsured drivers can certainly complicate things. With that said, there are still avenues for you to seek compensation, such as through the driver's employer. Our car accident attorneys can advise you further.

Speak with a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer Today

Our car accident attorneys are ready to advise on any kind of personal injury case work. We have a depth of knowledge on a variety of legal issues, including:

  • Property damage claims. We can get the wheels in motion for you to have your vehicle repaired ASAP.
  • No health insurance. Don't let a lack of medical coverage keep you from seeing a doctor. Our team can arrange competent care from reputable local physicians.
  • Health insurance. Likewise, if you have a health insurance company that doesn't want to pay for your treatment, we can intervene on your behalf and ensure you get the proper care.
  • Accident investigation. If your accident requires further investigation, our team of car accident attorneys can provide it.
  • Wrongful death. If you have a loved one who was killed in a car accident, our firm will extend to you both our sympathy and our help.
  • Tourist accidents. We have experience handling car accident cases involving those who are just visiting Fresno.
  • Rideshare accidents. We also have unique experience handling cases involving Uber, Lyft, and similar platforms.

No matter the particulars of your car accident case, it's critical to have a trusted legal ally who will treat you with kindness and respect, and extend to you a wealth of legal expertise. For help with your Fresno accident case, reach out to the car accident attorneys at I Accident Lawyer today.

Call the Fresno Car Accident Lawyer Group today at (559) 237-6521 for free, no cost consultation with one of our highly experienced car accident lawyers. All car accident cases are taken on a contingency, which means if we don't win your case, then you don't pay. Call us today; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Fresno Accident AttorneyiAccident Lawyer

"No matter how long we talk or how many times you call back, there is no charge." Donald Stevenson, Esq.

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So glad I hired this firm after my rearend car accident. Robert embodies the skill set and values one seeks in selecting a car accident attorney. He treats every case like a mini war, and rest assured his firm I Car Accident Lawyer in Fresno will zealously advocate on your behalf and do so in the most competent and skillful manner. He has garnered an impeccable reputation in the community and fellow legal brethren. He listens, is emphathetic and understands my problems. Do not hesitate in retaining him, he will always hold your best interest at heart with every action he takes on your behalf on your way to receiving the real justice you deserve. I had a great outcome and an even greater interaction with the firm.

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